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Author Interview: Kosta Angelou


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Author Interview: Kosta Angelou


Kosta Angelou

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How would you describe yourself?
A quiet yet opinionated hopeless romantic with love for dark and twisted stories and comedy.

How would you describe what you write?
Dark, romantic, suspenseful and definitely unpredictable.

What inspired you to start writing your first book?
My love for writing.
Do you prefer chocolate or vanilla?
Definitely chocolate!!!
What authors influence your writing?
I love JD Robb, and James W. Nichol
What one writing tip do you have for new authors?
Continue to write even if you think it’s horrible. You’ll find your way in the end!
Did you self or traditionally publish, and why did you choose that route?
I went with traditional, although since it’s such a small print it almost feels like self publish. I mainly wanted to be able to have control over my book without really the stress of the entire process. It has definitely worked great so far.

Do you have a blog, and how has it helped with your promotional efforts?
I don’t have a blog, although I would love to figure out how to do that. It seems like I have have a lot to talk about just not very sure if anyone will be listening.

What one thing are you OCD about, in general?
Hmm…one thing only? That’s tough, I have so many. I guess it would be not wasting. I hate to waste.

What is the most creative way you have promoted any of your books?
I have made business cards that look like my book, front and back cover and stuffed them inside magazines and books at local stores. Can i get in trouble for that? …sorry…

What would you do differently if you had to start over?
I don’t think I would. I never regret any of my moves in life, even if they lead to mistakes. Mistakes are part of life and learning. They’ve made me who I am today.
Where do you hope to see yourself in the next five years?

Hopefully an established author that people can’t wait for my next book. It’s nice to have dreams.
What are the first three rules you would make if you took over the world?
1. No more violence, hatred and wars.
2. Cable becomes free for all!!
3. Every gets a free copy of my book…

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